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Every dollar counts, and I get it, you're on the path to FIRE, and every dollar is precious.  Thank you for your support!

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Twice as nice as the Frugal Patron level.  I really appreciate your support.

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Wow!  Words are a poor tool to express the gratitude I feel for your support.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!




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Welcome to the BalancingFIRE Patreon Page.

BalancingFIRE is a blog about one family’s journey towards financial independence (FI) in a balanced way. A place for those who strive to reach FI within 10 years (give or take), but not by sacrificing an enjoyable family life along the way.

BalancingFIRE’s aim is to write the BEST Canadian content for those just getting started, and those with a bit of financial knowledge already. I offer a unique Canadian take on personal finance with actionable tips which can save you money, and put you on the path to FI.

Thank you for your interest in supporting BalancingFIRE.  It is through small contributions from readers like yourself that we'll keep the site ad-free for everyone - and I thank you for that!

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