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Thanks for supporting us! We can --as always-- offer a dank rank. You'll look good with secret commands on Unturned...
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Triple the starter? Heck yeah- You'll get the ability to change your nickname in our discord. We'll skip all our playerdata and buildable cleaning for you on the Unturned server, this means you can go as long as you want and have your stuff stay on the server!
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We'll thank you with a special rank, and /home and /tpa on the Unturned server.
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Seriously, this will include the ability to use /tts! You can also use /exit on the Unturned server to leave on the spot! 
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With the double digits you help us as much as ten starters! This time we introduce your very own double-digit kit. With this kit you will spawn with all that you need to survive on the Unturned server. Each, and every time you spawn.
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Even more with style~For Unturned you will have our best kit. That will let you survive and thrive with ease: best equipment out there!
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 We'll let this be the meme rank, it's hilarious. Same as before but expect to be a living meme for the support :) Also, I forgot to mention for Unturned you can use /heal every hour, and use /tpa and /home all you want! 
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If you're looking for a god tier, this is it. We can't thank you enough here, it's almost a worship (??) For Unturned: Use /heal all you want -basically making you a god-, and build your own kit, with whatever you want in it! 
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About BandannaBros

In 2014, friends created the name BandannaBros.
It turned out that name would host a community.
It turned out that community would host a server.

Ever since our Unturned server gave us popularity, we've been wanting to expand our way of going about things, and we need your help to create even more places for the friends of yours to have a good time playing some games.
What separates us from any other gaming community we've ever seen is our team is dedicated to improving the community. We have a complicated system for recognizing trustworthy members and problematic ones, with a system for keeping our team from crossing the line.
The only communities we know with more freedom, are the one's that couldn't support ruling any more than they do.

With your contributions we can afford to host groups for the games you want! This usually involves a server we manage, but as we see with our discord, it's really a group we manage! We call these groups coteries, and have plans that could allow for new groups to be created under our name with ease! All it takes is one to manage it!
Specifically we will spend your donations to build new game servers, manage current ones, create new content, and develop our groups. Managers may be employed to achieve this.

Your rewards will last the month but your position as a donor will last forever! If you donate over 90$ in total you get to join our eleventy club.
Each reward includes every one before it! Every donor will always be able to use external emojis.

Good vibes out to our supporters! You guys keep the dream alive.
$0 of $500 per month
With this amount of cash in the bank, we'll be able to produce our own dedicated server for Unturned. This will mean a website and discord bot of our own can be linked with the server. It can all be automated with all the servers we can host on one machine.
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