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The Inner Council

Want to directly choose a game to go on the 2 Hours of Hell or Punishment lists? This is the option for you. Only members of The Inner Council can add games to either of these lists, to be voted on every week by everyone to be played.

Worried your game will never be voted in? Don't worry. Each week a game isn't voted in, it receives bonus votes equal to how far down the list it was (before bonus votes are added), making sure that no matter how dastardly or vile your choices are, they will eventually get picked.

(Please note: Not all games are eligible for 2 Hours of Hell due to the time restriction, they have to have a reasonable chance of being completed in that length of time)

Additionally, You get monthly updates on the progression of the channel, my game designs, and where I'd like to go from here.
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True Patron

For those who want to see my board game design succeed, this level is for you. Funds gained this way will be directly spent on developing or marketing my board games, and won't go anywhere else (except to Patreon for their fees, and the payment provider).

You will receive copies of any board game released or kickstartered if you are pledging in the month that it does (Free Shipping), and additionally will receive a monthly video describing progresses specific to boardgames, and sneak peeks into upcoming components/designs.

You will also receive Print and Play copies of prototypes, and can offer feedback on these designs if you so wish.
Limited (4 of 4 remaining)
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The Chosen Few

This level gets to choose a single game to be played, regardless of the popular vote. Every month, one game of your choice (subject to approval by myself and the moderator team) will be played by me for at least 2 hours. If you want this to be a 2 Hours of Hell, please let me know. 

Additionally, being one of the chosen few means your votes are weighted triple when counting votes at the end of the week for 2 Hours of Hell and Punishment games. 

Finally, you have the same benefits as that of a member of The Inner Council




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Hi there awesome person, and thanks for taking a look!

I'm a boardgame designer who also likes to stream games I'm interested in. I particularly enjoy Grand Strategy titles, but am also enamored with anything that provides me a healthy amount of challenge. Since I have a love of boardgames, I tend to enjoy playing those with my followers also

Your support will 100% go into making my creative endeavors more viable, be that my game design or my streaming.

For streaming this will be equipment upgrades, better software, and the ability to take the time to learn more advance video editing processes.

For game design this will allow me to purchase better prototyping materials, hire artists, and create better content.

To keep things interesting I hope to add a bunch of supporter levels which will give you something back in return that will be worth your support - without taking too much away from what I'm doing already. Check out the supporter levels for more information.
$1 of $300 per month
If for some reason people are insane enough to get me to this goal, I will start producing and keeping to a schedule. It will be a small schedule at first, but as time goes on it will be more expansive and cover more content.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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