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I'm just a little guy from somewhere, I have some dreams that I wanted to achieve but I did kill most of them as well *we all used to do the same thing*, and now, I said why don't spread a little hope to provide better chances for upcoming generation *who knows if there will be someone like me in this big world dying in his nightmares or if I'm same as someone used to be before I was born...* and I did just say "Why don't I just try to share some of my abilities or skills or whatever I have, share something that I desire to do, perhaps I get a small push to attain my purposes in life, then influence more people even with my low (English level, self-confidence, self-esteem...), maybe, I'll learn something new, I can be someone else, someone better, getting help and trying to help at the same time, using something I've learned before, even without knowing how to deal with something but at least I try, you try, we try, getting dopamine in the correct way, surpassing all fears, anxiety, depression, turning all the bad vibes into inspiration, I don't know how but I really want to, we all want that, accepting psychopaths in our society as humans not rejecting them because of what psychology calls *mental illnesses or disorders or disabilities or I dunno* which I don't believe and which they didn't choose to have from, accepting all the different ideas not just pretending that it's ok to be different", then I created a youtube channel with all of these crazy ideas, I said I'll share whatever I want there without even minding erring or messing up as people won't criticize what I did to shut me down, for the sake of proper humanity, they'll try to correct me, to show me what to do, so I have learned something in the way I really wanted to, peacefully, easily and in the proper way, I just wanna apologize if this was too long for an introduction as I gave you a small idea of what's going on with me.
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