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Just the Two of Us
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Your pledge keeps the Barber of the Woods in sharp blades and his ax tip-top. You gain access to the general posts and have a hearty, bear-hug thank you!
Shave and a Haircut, Boom! Boom!
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Welcome to the Woods! Felling trees, cutting rounds, splitting a record two chords in three hours by hand is a part of the story of which you are now an essential Patreon Participant. You get access to Patron Post and quarterly gift of original artwork (in digital form) from the artists the Barber and his woods inspire. And entry into a seasonal drawing for a special gift.
Bushel and a Peck
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One of the goals of the hilltop homestead is building towards self-sustaining subsistence. At this special edition level, you get the honor of naming the first flock of laying hens. Also, the garden beds each need a name.



About Barber Woods Wildman

Come, Join us Around the Bonfire
It is a good life, an alternative life and you're invited to join! 

True Life. Learn or Live Vicariously
Everyone can get something out of sharing the progress and story of one man's journey to make a place in the wilds. He also attracts a menagerie of talented and quirky friends. He is very active in contributing to the local economy and social important.

Man Power, Not Utilities
The Barber of the Woods has carved out a space, built everything by hand and set up a Solar system to run the basics that makes the bus a home. It can be done. If he can do it, you probably can too, that is what you get for becoming a loving patron. Become a part of the developing story. 

Maintaining Anonymity. . . Maintaining Peace
Not a brag, but there are times when a person's animal instincts take over and sometimes overrides the peace and tranquility of another. In this case, remaining obscure allows this Wildman to share his life and passions with many in a true and authentic way without disrupting or altering the natural order of things. You are the wildlife observer. Enjoy!
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Stretch Goal!
Wow! It would be amazing to have a Patreon for every day of the month. Reaching this level I will build a covered stretching platform that will evolve into another useful structure on the property over time. Being over six feet living in a limited amount of space, I miss being able to stretch out and really get back into daily Yoga.
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