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This tier shows you like my stuff and would like to see more. At 1 dollar a month, I can live stream a little more often.
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At this level of donation I can focus more time on the content I put out. And the more time I can focus on it, the better it will be. Donating at this level gives you a one time shoutout in the next video and a personal thank you email from me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.
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This level of donation will help me get new and better equipment and software to make even better content for you.  If you support me at this level I will put your name in the video description.




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About Barral69Gaming

I am starting out youtuber who is looking into expanding my channel to reach a larger audience. I am into gaming and I love the PC world. I do a mix of uploads and livestreams and my channel is focused on games that are mostly single player. I do play some multiplayer games, but while my channel is small that will be rare. I am looking forward to developing the best content I can in a way I love. I hope to to deliver the best value I can for whatever amount you can contribute. I love to interact with people, so please, never hesitate to email me any questions, feedback or suggestions. I welcome any chance to learn and grow. Thank you again so much for no matter how much you are able to donate. From the bottom of my heart I can't appreciate it enough.
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If I reach 200 dollars a month, I will be able to start buying upgrades for my equipment. And this could lead to face cam. :)
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