Barrie Rose

is creating a pilot for a TV series featuring original music!
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About Barrie Rose

Hello!! My name is Barrie Rose. I am a singer/songwriter, performer, intuitive and basically just an all around creator.

It is possible you know me from my music, which is on SoundcloudSpotify or youtube...but towards the end of last year I started to put my energy into the focus of writing a 30 min. pilot for a tv series that I will star in. As acting was my first true passion, my dream has been to have my own TV show with original music in it. In October of last year I went to Tokyo, Japan to start writing.  Why Tokyo? Well in the pilot and series my character goes there and it is an integral part of the story, so I decided I needed to go to actually write the episode. Now it is May, and it certainly has developed a lot! Through tons  of rewrites, communications with directors and others in the film world,  I have come up with a pilot that I am happy with. Not only am I happy with it- but I know it will make a positive impact on the world.

So first off, to clarify everything- do you know what Patreon is? If not, it would be helpful to watch this little video that explains it.

I already verrrryyyy much appreciate you for being here and supporting me in any way you do. If you have the means to monetarily support the project, even with a few bucks- it will truly make all the difference. This fund is to be able to create this pilot episode and all that pre-production and production entails. Any and every donation counts! I would love to offer you rewards for each tier of donation you commit to! 

Thank you soooo much you divine, beautiful amazing being.
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I will start preproduction on the pilot!!
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