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You're just interested to see what I've got to offer... Spoiler - its a bunch of video lessons on aspects of human physiology, nutrition, and physical performance enhancement. 

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You're ready to dive in to learning about the human body, how it works, and why most of what you've probably heard before about physiology, nutrition, and physical performance is just DEAD WRONG!

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This tier gets you access to personal private consultancy with myself regarding aspects of health, fitness, nutrition, etc... Consultations will be in person via Skype appointments, This tier gets you up to two hours per month (I won't cut you off dead at 2 hrs obviously, but theres no carry-over 'time banking')... 



About Bart Kay

Nearly everything you've heard about human physiology, human nutrition, and human physical performance is probably DEAD WRONG! I recently left academia permanently, because they wanted me to teach falsehoods. As a well published researcher, author, reviewer, lecturer, and consultant, I have developed a passion for putting right the wrongs - join me on the journey of discovery...
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