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About Basham Fine Art

Hello family, friends, and fine art supporters!
For years I avoided working in art full time because I was afraid the financial benefits were lacking, but I'm done making excuses!  My goal is to be a full time artist.  I currently paint and draw photo realism portraits for clients, but strive to paint WHAT I WANT instead of the photos I'm given by clients.
Don't misunderstand me, I LOVE what I do, but we all wish for freedom in doing what we love, yes?

I would like to use the funds I earn from this page to upgrade my camera setup for recordings (the $17 gooseneck phone holder has its limits)

Thank you all for such wonderful support!  
"I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream"
-Vincent Van Gogh

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One of my goals as an artist is to provide folks with videos of my work and tutorials.  To do that, I need a sturdy easel and a tripod for my camera, as you can see in the video I have posted, the selfie stick slips..
If I have a tripod and easel, I can set up in my room and record entire pieces as they are completed :)
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