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 ○ Upon enlisting as a Bean, you will join one of the most exclusive ranks of Legume known to man! You will instantly receive the very special Token of Sincere Gratitude, and the Token of Ad Block Forgiveness.

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 ○ In addition, your name will also be written in my "Hall of Fame", a Minecraft world love garden to display the names of all of our lovely supporters! I will post screenshots of the Hall of Fame on Patreon, and show it on my Twitch streams!

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 ○  You will receive everything from the "Bean" tier above!

 ○  You will also have your name listed in the "Thank You Patrons!" slide at the end of my YouTube videos! (Starting March 2019 onward).

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 ○ The Heavily Salted Bean is one of the most adored groups of Bean on the planet. These Beans provide unbelievably generous support to those around them, and, if you listen carefully, they let out very little trumps as they walk. Lovely!

 ○ Heavily Salted Beans receive all of the token rewards of the previous tiers above!

 ○ You will also receive a hand-written postcard from me, delivered to you! I will write a little message about how awesome Beans are, and why eating your vegetables is super important if you want to grow up to be a big, strong Bean.

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About Bea (BasicallyBea)

Hi there new friend! My name is BasicallyBea, but you can call me Bea! I am a Twitch Partner and YouTuber in the YOGSCAST!

Around 5 years ago, I was busy watching my favourite gaming series on YouTube. I fell in love with the way creators could tell their own stories through Minecraft, and other people could listen and even become involved in those stories! 1,400+ videos later, I am living day in and day out, creating content I am passionate about for thousands of people to watch each week!

I have always loved creating things that make other people happy, that is why I decided to train to be a teacher after I finished school! Sharing things that I love with other like-minded people has been an incredible blessing I am extremely lucky to have been able to experience!

We now have a community of people who come by to share their stories, their goals, their dreams and more, and to get involved with my stories and dreams every day!

That's a good question! I have three YouTube channels and a Twitch channel.

On my BasicallyBea YouTube Channel, I create daily Minecraft videos, from PvP content, to Modded Series, and even occasionally some other games too! This channel is focused on content for children/teenagers and is Family Friendly!

On my BasicallyBea - Roblox YouTube Channel, I make daily Roblox videos! This ranges from Royale High with my other creator friends, to silly dress-up games where we make ourselves look AWESOME! This channel is focused on kid-friendly fun and is also Family Friendly!

On my Bea Florie YouTube Channel, I make weekly videos about real-life stuff! This is mainly focused on what I do in my daily life, but I also discuss some personal topics and create LGBTQ+ Educational pieces. This channel is NOT Family Friendly and is mainly aimed at adults!

Lastly, on my BasicallyBea Twitch Channel, I livestream four times per week. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8pm UK time, and Sundays from 2pm UK time. We stream all sorts of different Minecraft games, UHCs and more, and occasionally throw in some other games too! This channel is for older teens/adults, and is NOT Family Friendly!

Over the last few years, I have been overwhelmed by the incredible support I have been given and the insane level of kindness I have been shown by my community. I am so grateful and would never have imagined we'd achieve the things we have. Thank you!

Well, young Bean, that is a very good question!

My Patreon allows me to do what I love. It means we don't have to rely on the ever-changing, challenging and confusing system that is Ad Revenue!

Patreon allows viewers like you, to support the work of creators like me. It means that we can fund projects, provide exciting new adventures and explore areas we haven't been able to before, all while taking you along right beside us!

The boring part is that is also helps us to pay bills, buy food, and rely less on other methods of earning which can often be unreliable, or require us to reduce our content to make time for other jobs. For example, I do have a day job, but because of my generous Patrons and Twitch Subscribers, I don't have to work full-time, which means I can put more time and effort into my degree studies, and my content!

If you'd like to know about other ways you can support us, there are a few!

💜 If you would like to give a one-time tip, you can do so via my Donations Page. These donations also pop up on my streams so I can thank you!

💜 If you don't want to use my Donations Page, I also have a Ko-Fi Page, where you can buy me a coffee! 

💜 If you use Twitch often, and would like access to our exclusive emotes and chat badges, you can Subscribe on Twitch!

💜 As always, you are more than welcome to send me fan letters or art to my email!

💜 Lastly, you can mail me letters or art to my PO Box! (Please don't send big items, only letters, art, postcards etc):
BasicallyBea - The Yogscast
4th Floor - King William House
13 Queen Square
52% complete
The first hurdle!

This is our first community goal since creating the Patreon! All of your support helps me to have more time to keep creating content for you across my channels, and I really appreciate it!

Once we reach this goal, we will celebrate with a community Games Night in my Discord server where we all play games together off-stream and just chill!

Thank you for your support. <3
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