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Just taking time to become a Patron here means the world to me.
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For the same price as a Twitch subscription you'd be making a huge difference for my channel and my ability to do my dream job full-time!
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This is as much as a Netflix subscription costs! Unfortunately I can't provide you with 1000s of movies to watch but you can watch my Star Wars content knowing you're a big reason to why I can keep running the channel with regular content. 
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About BattlefrontUpdates

I no longer actively support Patreon but just have it open if any of you want to support me on top of YouTube sponsors/donations with no promise of rewards in return! Check out the video below for details on how I've changed around the system to be more beneficial for you guys instead and if you have any questions I'll still read Patreon messages here.
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I don't really have any specific goal for this Patreon campaign, I would love for it to supplement my channel financially and allow me to have a more stable income each month and at $500 it would start to make a significant difference to me! If we hit this amazing goal I'll do a 10h stream where you Patrons can pick what I should play/do.
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