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Bdubs Resource Pack Downloads
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  • Access to the "Bdubs Minecraft Resource Pack." This resource pack is a work in progress and is several months from completion.   The download link will be updated in the patreon posts when significant additions are made.  
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  • Everything from all of the lower tiers
  • You will be added to the whitelist of the Bdubs Patreon only minecraft server coming Jan. 2016.  
    • A private community chat will be provided and I will be active there in that chat as well. 
    • Details on whether this will be a survival or creative server or both will be made by the patrons as its developed. 




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About BdoubleO100

I love my family first.  They are the reason I am able to wake up with a smile.  So, making sure I can provide for them is numero uno!  But my second family is my youtube family.  The viewers and fans that I have, hold a real place in my heart and I want to make sure that I can always continue to provide them with videos that brighten their day or encourage them.  I also look at this patreon as an opportunity to connect with my viewers and family even more.  So, most of my goals and rewards will be centered around that.  But my #1 rule is never stretch yourself financially.  Only pledge here if you can afford supporting.

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