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About Be Nadine Stephens

My name is Be.

Some folks call me Be Nadine, or MamaBe.
Some folks write it as Bee.
All is fine. Apparently I have many names and many functions/faces.

I am honored(and frankly floored!) that you, Dear Reader, would consider supporting me in my wacky endeavors.
And if you've decided to support me monthly so I can launch my baby birds from their nest ...well...I don't know what I can say but, OMG...THANK YOU!!!
Just like anything of value I've ever done, there is no way it would have been possible without the consistent support of Good Folk. This is definitely no exception.
And I am so excited to offer something in return that I dearly hope will feed your soul.

WHY AM I HERE?-Back Story...

Over the past decade I have dedicated myself to learning various holistic wellness practices.
The past 7 years I have refined my focus to pursuing-as much as possible-Traditional approaches to Wellness and Carrying Wisdom. By that I mean various forms of Spiritual Healing from an Animist perspective.

The 'Roots Dreaming Wisdom Oracle' cards are the physical evidence of my experience of Walking closely with my Initiations and working with Plant Spirit Medicine. As each card created Itself I discovered the Teachings that were packed into my Bones. And it is still unfolding.
While the Root of my Initiation is West African, I have discovered that the Spiritual Principles are recurring at the Heart of all the Indigenous Traditions I am acquainted with thus far. And why wouldn't that be the case? We are all made from this Earth and like the Earth we have a myriad of Divine Expressions but are still just One Entity, One Family. We may sit with different colors in different directions of the Wheel and the methods of 'Arrival to the Center' may look different, but ultimately the communion is Universal.

*At a later date, I will post more about myself and personal/creative process for those who would like more of a  background story.


1. The 'Roots Dreaming Wisdom Oracle' deck that flows from persistently steeping myself in ways to help Us heal. (I am an Animist and so the 'Us' includes All Beings, with legs or without, with faces or not.) I have been told in a number of ways that these cards are Portals/Windows into Other Places. The images themselves open new Doors in and for some people. At times they have even been described as 'Plays'.
Each full deck includes 44 face cards, 10 reference cards, a custom tuck-box and a handmade carrying pouch. My hope is they will all be printed on linen-it's a bit more expensive but feels the best to me. Eventually there will be a physical Companion book-detailed writing-about each card. Until that time I am doing all my writing through an online site that will be available only to supporters.

2Methods of Elemental Alchemy for Healing and addressing Imbalance. Ummmm...what? More on that later.

3A mentoring course geared towards folks learning some of the ways I offer healing. I have learned predominantly through visceral spiritual experience with Nature & Ritual and so that is how I tend to 'teach'.

4. MoonBee Farm and Wellness Retreat; in collaboration with my dear partner-this is something we are currently working on and hope to make functional enough for people to begin to come and stay by 2020. It will be rustic in its amenities but grand in its Wildness and Beauty. Located on a Treasure of an Island, we are seeking to offer a Place of Healing, Restoration and Soulful Connections for/with All Beings.

Warmly and with much Gratitude,
Be, Be Nadine, MamaBe, Bee..

$469 of $700 per month
I will begin working on more pieces that will become 'bonus packs' to add to the current Roots Dreaming Wisdom Oracle deck of 44.
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