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About Bear Blossoms

BEAR BLOSSOMS is a wide array of emotion and talent.
She aims to bring music back to the heart to sing stories of the soul while revolutionizing the relationship between music, dance, and the arts.
She’s here to Create, Uplift & Inspire.

They say,
    "The people who think they are crazy enough to change the world, often are the ones that do."
      -- Bear Blossoms keeps this quote in her back pocket on this journey she's embarked upon. 
Bear Blossoms believes with every single molecule in her being - She is the Artist who will be the first to fully, and cohesively, combine Music & Dance in order to bring Music back to the heart. After all, music was never about the fame or the money. Music has always been about just that... the MUSIC.

Bear Blossoms' aim is to tell the untold stories this world has to offer; sing things that are hard to hear and often people don't like to talk about, but add a melody and a guitar to it, and suddenly its easier to speak of; and most importantly, only ever write music that comes from so deep within she knows her being is being used as a vessel to relay messages this World needs to hear.
Growing up, Bear Blossoms never fully understood why she loved dancing so much. She knew she loved how you could feel the music radiating throughout your body- especially as you executed the choreographed sustained fan-kick rolling out of it onto the floor for the ever so dramatic hand reach forward in a plank position...
       [[All my "comp-kid" dancer peeps out there know exactly what moves we're throwin' down...]]
Anyway, it was when Blossoms realized her love for performing and her love for music were one in the same that her entire life changed. Dancing brought her spirit back home, to the music, and that's where she'll forever stay.

Look at some of your favorite artists: Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, P!NK... Why are they great performers? They often dance or combine full theatre in some fashion to almost every one of their sets. Why? Because its entertaining as hell!

What does Bear Blossoms have that others don't however?
She has a professional dance career under her belt, that's what.
Blossoms danced with the Radio City Rockettes for 5 seasons before stepping away to fully pursue music. Oh and guess what? Beyonce's dance captain is also a former Radio City Rockette... Why do you think her dancers' are always so in sync, eh?
Connecting a few more dots for you now? 

So! Imagine an Artist who has the capacity to be at the complete forefront and know every in-and-out of her show... and what do you get?
You get an Artist with a wide array of emotion and talent -
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