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If you or someone you care about has a disability, or even if you are simply a deep introspective thinker with no health issues, do you ever think about what your or their lives would be like if they or you had been born in a different time in history?
It is something I wonder about, being myself a person with a long-term chronic illness and having various disabilities as a result.
Only 100 years ago if a person had a disability, they would either have ended up living in the street, being institutionalized, or would have joined the circus or a freak/ sideshow to survive. Horrible I know, but unfortunately, it’s history we can’t afford to forget.
There were no protections, or human rights laws to protect persons with disabilities.
In fact, 50 years ago persons with disabilities were still being largely institutionalized.
In this podcast, we’ll learn about and explore the good, and the ugly history of individuals with disabilities, and the disabled community, from the innovators and inventions, to the fight for disability rights and everything in between.
While we have come a long way, there are still many barriers to break down,so please join me as we explore our Beautifully Broken history.
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