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About Becca Cook

The mission of every artist – whether they’re conscious of it or not – is to plumb around inside themselves, searching for something intangible and impossible to explain, and bring it to the surface for everyone to see. The creation of art is a secret, subterranean business, deeply personal and rationale-resistant. The need and desire to share things, of course, is human. And when someone else recognizes themselves in the art, a connection is made. A spark is ignited.

Georgia-based Rebecca Cook is a multimedia artist who finds inspiration in the dark recesses of her mind, in the light behind her eyes, and in the shadowy weirdness and in-betweens of our everyday. Her series of acrylic paintings – impressionistic depictions of space and Earth loosely inspired by astronaut window-views, translated as swirling patterns of psychedelia – are haunting (yet oddly familiar) dreamscapes.

Likewise, there’s something subconsciously cosmic about Cook’s Planet Series, with scratchy and unplayed LP records painted like distant galaxies, like vast, cloudy oceans – and close-up clusters of nerve endings. They’re like journeys from the far reaches of Deep Space into the very cells of the artist herself.

Rebecca Cook’s fiber work shows the same boundless creativity – and fearlessness. She creates two-headed teddy bears, depressed and mentally suffering (they’re called the “Sad Bears”). Myrtle, her four-legged doll, is on display at the World-Famous Crochet Museum in Joshua Tree, California. While Cook also creates clothing, accessories and colorful crochet ephemera, she uses her fiber art to make statements: For “Chains,” a 2015 performance/installation, she created – live on closed-circuit TV – 2.2 million crochet chain stitches, one for every person currently incarcerated in the United States.

At the end of the three-day piece, thousands of long, unbroken chains of white chain stitches hung from the studio ceiling, interrupted only by the silent, diminutive figure of the artist in silhouette, her hands busily crocheting from her rocking chair. It created a powerful and unforgettable image.

Art, says Rebecca Cook, “is a compulsion. I don’t know how not to create. I’ve never had an artist block or anything like that. Every waking moment, my brain is churning out creativity. I don’t know how to sit still."

“I’m a workaholic – and creativity is a way to meditate and to release tension. For me, it’s necessary self-care.”

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