is creating Music, Records, Videos, gud hangs :D

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You are a weeb. I know it may not seem like a good thing, but soon enough you'll just accept it. And that's pretty cool! Good on you. Wave that freak flag my dude. 

With this, you'll be credited at some point in every video I make and have access to all of the singles I release before they're out! :D 

Thank you so much for your help. It may not seem like much, but you push my craft so much further this way!

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Weeb Trash
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You have raised in the ranks. After showing displays of hard work with a good attitude, I grant you the title of weeb trash! GLOAT IN THE FACES OF THE WEAKLING WEEBS. DISPLAY YOUR POWER IN ITS TRUE FORM, WEEB TRASH!!!

In this tier, you'll get the previous tier's benefits and all of my albums for only the monthly amount you donate. Thank you so much!

Includes Discord benefits
Weeb Knight
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Everyday you slay normies. And everynight you slay some fine booty. Look at you. Your'e just a really cool dude and that's like... cool. 

In this tier, you'll get every album in a physical/digital format, Album Credits and all the other benefits as well OwO




Hey there c: My name's Beck. I exist solely for creating music, art, content for myself and others! I know that sounds a little ambitious, but honestly it's the truth. It's what gets me out of bed everyday you know? o: Anyways, this platform is a way for you to directly support me, my endeavors and get involved more than any other way out there. No "bs", this really will directly support me as an artist and push my music further! Thank you for reading this and thank you for indulging in my craft. I appreciate it more than anything! <3 I hope you all are having a good time and feel free to hit up my discord!

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