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Making a sandbox settlement sim as the first in a fantasy world of future games. Aiming for strong crowd input for development path.

Hi. My names Simon and I want to share my dream with you.

When I was 12 I was struck by inspiration and a fantastical story presented itself to me. For many years it grew in my head and I began trying to write it down. Then I realised I suck at writing. So instead I decided to share it through a medium I am more familiar with: Video Games. A good game can make you laugh, make you cry, let you lose yourself in a world quite unlike your own and see someones story through their eyes. It uses a multitude of arts: Music, Design, Acting, Writing.
It really is a medium like no other. 

So I began to think. How would I make this a game. And ideas flooded to me, but I soon realised if I were to do it justice, it would take far more than my work alone. I'm a programmer, not an artist. So what could I do by myself? Something simple, visually unimpressive and something I could build a world up from.

I have begun working on a game to introduce the world. And that game is Motherland a game of building, surviving and managing a settlement as it grows. Take the role of your towns leader and help your people thrive. Play in first person or second person and get your hands dirty gathering, hunting, farming. Design your town in 3rd person drawing blueprints, placing them on the map and watching your settlers build it up, or pitch in yourself! Then take a walk around to admire your handiwork, or a flyby in free cam. It is a game that wants to let your creativity free while still having an element of challenge and difficulty.

This game's aim is to introduce the world, a fresh unspoiled expanse free from any past. We start it's history, migratory hunter gatherers begin to settle and learn to bend the land to their whim. From there, I do not know all that will happen, the story I have will take place after this, what happened before is secret. And this game is not just some side project, I want this to be a way that the worlds story shall develop. Towns built by you shall show up on the map, stories you write will appear in the history books. I have plans, and events but they will come to pass when the time is right.
(And when I'm done making them ;) 
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I will be able to afford to live while working on my game full time. It'll get things done much faster.
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