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  • Access to the group Discord.  Upon a total contribution of $3 or more you will have permanent discord access even if you decide you can no longer be a Patron.
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  • I will mention you by name at the end of each of my videos as a special thank you.
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  • This tier will allow you to pick a time in which I will stream once per week no matter the time.  Even if it's 3am my time I'll do it.   The stream will be dedicated to you and I'll read out any message, promote your website/youtube/social media or anything else before hand.  Requires 1 month payment to be processed to avoid abuse.
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About Ryan

Hello friends!  My name is Ryan from BehindEyesGaming and I make video content on Youtube!  I hope to make educational gaming content that will help my viewers grow as players, as well as to entertain!

What can you do with some of that money you are saving?  I'm glad you asked!  If you'd like you can use a portion of it to contribute to future content on my channel!  Any small amount would help me greatly with things such as purchasing better equipment such as a higher grade microphone and webcam, and much more!

By no means should you feel obligated to contribute to my channel, I will continue to make the best content I possibly can.  However, anything you can spare will be greatly appreciated and put to the best possible use.  Thank you so much for the support you have given me, monetary or otherwise.  Best wishes friends!
$5 of $300 per month
Upon reaching $300, while including other sources of income I should be able to maintain YouTube full time.  This will stop the uncertainly and guarantee constant content creation for the foreseeable future.
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