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About Ben Bell

Ben Bell is an artist and writer that uses an online blog to explore his life-interests. He was drawn to Patreon to support a new project he is embarking on which explores 'Life through a Rainbow Lens'. This project, culminating in a book, is his take on life, highlighting his interests and experience, which includes spirituality, philosophy, therapy and art. The blog he writes will encourage your participation in an ongoing dialogue which promises to be a life-enhancing and enriching experience.

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Please don't become a Patron if you're low on money, or feel like you have to. I will carry on making free content whether you can donate or not, they just might be a bit better and more frequent if you can. And please don't feel obliged to support my work in this way, I am making this content because of you guys, and your viewing and comments are satisfaction enough.
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The ultimate goal that I am working towards in this project is to complete the book that will encapsulate my philosophy or spiritual take on life. 
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