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About Ben Reed

Two Dollar Woman will be the first album of my original music to be released to the public. The songs are the results of a melding of my wide variety of musical tastes with a life fully lived and embraced - and they flow directly from my heart and soul.
It is a very personal thing to create a song, and a daunting task to convey the ideas contained or implied in that song to other musicians when collaborating to "flesh-out" the things that I hear when writing it.
Through a happy bit of serendipity, I was very fortunate to get to know and work with a kindred spirit,Kristina Stykos of Pepperbox Studiosin Vermont (the digital age does have its advantages), for this first endeavor. She listened to my songs, and then she listened to my visions for the songs, and she not only understood, but has been very instrumental in helping to bring clarity to that vision.
The results are a set of the (lucky!) 13 songs that will be included in this album. They are diverse, organic, and mostly acoustic. You will, I believe, find some nice surprises. The music and the lyrics of some of the songs are rooted in the Wyoming and Montana landscapes and histories where I grew up and have lived for a healthy portion of my life. All of them are derived from observations of people and life, tainted occasionally by my own personal experiences and an over-active imagination.
As a writer, I believe that a good song should be both musical and have a set of lyrics that tell a good tale. That is always my goal, and I am well satisfied with the direction of this effort. I will not sit still, however, and I will continue to write and work to improve with each outing. If you like what you hear on this first effort, let me know and encourage me to continue with your contributions.
Your contributions will be used to help fund the costs of the intense studio work and the great musicians who have contributed to the making of this album, along with the professional production of the CDs and digital versions. Even on a shoe-string budget, realizing a dream requires a long shoe-string. By supporting this campaign, at minimum, you will have purchased your own copy of the music, and after all, that is what it is all about. The music.
So, in advance, a hearty Montana/Wyoming thank you to all of my old and new friends for listening and contributing in support of my art.