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First, thank you for taking the time to visit my Patreon page.

I'm Benik and I'm the creator and maintainer of some of the most popular ElvUI plugins, like BenikUI, ElvUI LocationPlus and ElvUI Nuts & Bolts. I'm also a member of the ElvUI dev team (although I'm not so active as the other guys), a moderator in forums and in Tukui Discord.

I created this page mostly because users asked for it as another way of showing their support, other than normal donations.

Patron priviledges:
  • Dedicated Patron Discord channel. (Silver Tier)
  • Your name (or nickname) will show in the Information section in BenikUI options. (Silver Tier)
  • Direct Support via PM in BenikUI Discord for personalised support regarding any of my addons. (Golden Tier)
  • First consideration on Patreon requests/additions for any of my addons. Any new feature must be original and not part of any other addons. And doable ofc :) (Golden Tier)
(Golden Tier includes Silver Tier priviledges)

Usefull links:

Thank you again, for even considering being a Patron.
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