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About Benjamin Ehinger

Hey! I'm Benjamin Ehinger (Pronounced like Anger with a softer G). Thanks for stopping by my channel. I upload videos regularly covering many topics including Personal Growth, Productivity, Health, Happiness, Success, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and More!

I have been a freelance writer for more than a decade and an affiliate marketer for about the same amount of time. After several years of failed attempts to start my own business, writing gave me a way to work from home (well our RV) and for myself. I am now expanding my business to include affiliate marketing on a much larger scale.

Over the past five years, I have successfully created a small side income through affiliate programs and have ramped it up in recent months. I will be showing some of this off, along with several of the hacks, tips, tricks, and tools I use for productivity, time management and more! If you've been seeking success and feel lost, let me be your guide.

My wife and I travel full-time in an RV and work for ourselves. While I post quite a bit of content on my blog and YouTube Channel, I will be providing one exclusive video and one exclusive blog post per month (minimum, maybe more) for my Patrons. If you want access to this content, you must become a Patron!

Video Production/Content Creation is Time Consuming & Expensive
Creating content takes time, which makes it harder to make a living from my current profession. When I produce a video, I take the time to create an outline, record the video, upload it and make sure everything is set up for success. With your help, I can supplement my income, which will allow me to put more time into providing incredible videos for you. 

When you become a Patron, you are supporting me, my wife and our two pups. You are helping us pay for the expenses of travel, which I will gladly share our travels with you here. You are also helping to move me closer to leaving the freelance writing world and focusing on becoming a full-time creator. I have so many great ideas for videos and content to share with you, but my time is limited. Your support helps to free up more of my time for creating content for you.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the support you're providing me. Even $2 per month makes a difference and moves me closer to my goal of becoming a full-time creator.

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When I reach $250 per month, I will allow one random Patron to choose the topic of my next video.
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