is creating 3D game assets and a visual overhaul for Total War: ROME II

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Hi there, my name is Benjin! For the past 2 years, I have been creating original 3D / animation content for game mods, specifically for the Empire at War mod series "Thrawn's Revenge" and the Total War mod series "AAA Generals". I am also about to start a series of tutorial videos showing off the various processes to making such content as well, hopefully inspiring more modders to creating more quality content for their projects. One of the most rewarding aspects to modding is the satisfaction gained from the fact that hundreds - potentially thousands - of people are using your work to make their game experience's better, and I would like to continue doing them at the quality I am currently doing for as long as I can, hence the creation of this Patreon.

What is the Patreon support for?
While the stuff I have created so far have been as part of a hobby, I cannot realistically keep doing this sort of thing for free forever since it takes up a very large portion of my time per month. Patreon and your support allows me to keep working on this sort of thing for modding purposes more often, where I can allocate that extra time and funding to putting out even better content.

What kind of 3D work to do you?
While I am skilled in all fields of 3D (e.g. modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, rendering etc), I particularly enjoy the prop and environment creation pipeline the most (e.g. armours, weapons, foliage, landscapes, buildings etc). In my attitude to my work I am highly focused and pay close attention to detail. I always enjoy the challenge of learning new skills in order to more closely achieving exactly the vision I have for the things I want to create. That is one of the most satisfying things about this line of work; you are always learning something new and expanding your horizons.
10% complete
At this level, I'd be able to afford more pieces of software required to do certain 3D work more quickly every month. Progress on new, complex assets (e.g. cloth, chainmail) would be done a lot faster.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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