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Hello Im Bryan J Kroh A.k.a Bertók and i am a producer, musician and Dj out of ND who uses my unique style to mix it up with a fusion of electro-soul, funk Bass, and trap house in a hybrid blend to combine all genres into a sort of harmony. I grew up listening to such greats as phil collins, cc and the music factory ,Eric clapton,Janis Joplin among many others. Around 2007 i found myself drawn to the world of electronic music and started to listen to Caspa, Rusko as well as pendulum, Deadmau5, and Daft Punk.
3 years ago I left the world of art to pursue a lifelong dream of music and since then have had the honor to play with such experienced musicians such as Cofressi, Trufeelz, Funkstatic, Emissary Echo, Big Dad, OverKlok, illuminomee, HobZ, Ouno, Mystic Grizzly, Homemade spaceship and Deerskin to name a few.
I am also an Avid brand artist, painter, business owner, promoter, and multi-instrumentalist. I started playing saxophone in middle school at about age 12. Since that time I've also learned to play some piano, didgeridoo, juice harp, harmonica, guitar, ukulele, And soon plans to learn drums.
I guess the main reason i have always wanted to make music is really simply to connect to something higher. i grew up with music being an outlet for myself and i hope that what i do inspires others as well. Whether that's getting through a hard time or that song you play at your first dance. i do this for others so they may feel for a second a connection to something other wordly.
I have deep passion for all the arts and always am looking for ways to incorporate other forms of art in with my music.
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