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Love the idea of connecting with people from far-off places who are creating culture...but not much for getting on planes? Kick back & enjoy the stories via 
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Travel is so much more enriching when we connect with local people who want to share their culture! I look forward to helping you make a cultural connection!

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About meg pier

Greetings & thanks for visiting me on Best Cultural Destination's Patreon page! Now that you are here, let's get acquainted!

Do you love to travel, and want to meet local people engaged in bringing culture to life?

Will you pay $10+ a month for a subscription to a service that will introduce you to people engaged in creating culture at your next destination?

And, as a bonus, get previews of compelling stories that profile people creating culture around the world?

Then read on!

First...I invite you to click on the video link below, and let me explain to you why I have been sharing people's stories for the past nine years, and why celebrating our unique differences and universal human bond matters to me!

If you found your way to this page, it means you are an experiential traveler, and want to meet local people creating culture in your next destination. Going to Oaxaca and want to meet a Zapotec weaver? Travelling to Scotland and want a tour of a castle from a clan chief? Planning to be in Malta and want an archaeologist's interpretation of historic sites? Thinking of visiting Trinidad during Divali? Keen to learn about Mayan medicinal practices in Belize? Then I invite you to become a Patreon subscriber of BCD.

I am not a travel agent or tour operator. I am not going to book your flight, find you a hotel, or recommend an itinerary. But after 15 years of writing about cultural heritage and traditions around the world for publications such as The Boston Globe and Huffington Post, I can be your "cultural concierge" and introduce you to people bringing culture to life at your next destination for a small monthly subscription fee. Become a member of the BCD network!

I am a proponent of experiential travel. Experiential means walking in the shoes of another, and getting a glimpse of life through their eyes. It also means responding—intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically—to the sensations elicited by an encounter with living, breathing culture. Such exchanges mean a connection has been made, our lives have been enriched, and we take away a little something of that culture, which will remain with us always.

On the right side of this page you can subscribe! For a $10 monthly subscription, I will introduce you to two people at the next destination of your choice in a calendar year. Making more than one trip in a given year? Then just multiply the $10 monthly subscription by the number of your planned trips!

How Does the Subscription Service Work?

At least a month before your trip, reach out to me via [email protected] and tell me where you are going and when, and give me three cultural realms that you are interested in from BCD's area of coverage: Art; Built Heritage; Earth & Sea; Festivals; Food; Preservation; and Spirituality. Within two weeks of you contacting me, I will send you the bios of two people based at that destination who would be happy to meet you, share their culture, and tell you their story. Once you've confirmed your interest in meeting them, I will make an email introduction and connect you. The rest is up to you!

Love the idea of meeting local people, but don't have any specific ideas in mind?

Wondering where to go, or what kind of artisans or cultural figures you could meet? Then check out With a style that is a blend of Nat Geo, People magazine and Vanity Fair, Best Cultural Destinations is an online magazine with a unique editorial focus. Simply put, BCD profiles people around the world who are bringing culture to life. Rather than providing an outsider's interpretation of a given culture as is universally done by other publications and websites, BCD offers the perspective of local people in destinations around the world, who tell you about their traditions and heritage in their voice. 

Through interviews and feature articles, you'll meet indigenous artisans, pioneering activists and innovators, dedicated preservationists, spiritual seekers, global visionaries and a host of others, who each relate their inspiration, process, techniques, and heritage. You'll also learn about their personal epiphanies, challenges, breakthroughs, and hopes for the future--for at the heart of all culture is our shared human condition.

Love culture & human interest stories but don't want to get on a plane?

Being an armchair traveler is cool, too! Not everyone has the stamina to deal with airport security these days! Kick back and enjoy stories of people creating culture by visiting from the comfort of your home! If you like what you see, and are inclined to support the site with a $3 monthly Patreon subscription, I am delighted! You are welcome to visit either way!


One of the simplest definitions of culture is a "way of life." Perhaps, like me, you believe the world can be a better place if there is greater understanding of the beauty in both our differences and our similarities.

For almost 15 years, I have been profiling and interviewing inspiring people whose lives embody some wisdom, philosophy, or perspective our world needs. These people are residents of different cultures around the world who offer their own vantage point on their homeland, and the beliefs and customs that are part of their heritage. Best Cultural Destinations also features leading figures in global cultural tourism who have a bird's eye point-of-view on the role of culture as force for connection, peace and prosperity.

These dialogues offer a window into the landscape, history and traditions of a given region; local and global perspectives on some of the pressing issues facing humankind today, from environmental sustainability to political repression; as well as an opportunity to see the “Other” in ourselves. Listening to the experiences of the people I encounter is moving, humbling, heartening and life-changing, and it's a privilege to share their accounts with you. It's even more cool to be able to make an introduction so you can hear their story for yourself!

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Are you someone who likes to travel independently, but are never quite sure how to connect with local people in your destination? Are you someone who doesnt want to be tied to a tour bus or travel in a group, but wants to see a destination's culture in action? Let BCD pay it forward and help you! The small monthly Patreon subscription fee is an extremely cost-effective way for you to plug in locally without needing to hire a full-service travel agency.

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