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About Best Guy Ever

Sup, gamers. 🎮

I'm the BestGuyEver. I make videos about anime and vidya and stuff on BestGuyEver and other places. I've quit my day job my follow my dreams of going pro MLG. Pledges here go toward supporting that noble goal. 🤠

If you wanna know what I'm about, here's a good place to start:
BGE Essentials Playlist

My ongoing series:
Best Ever Series

Here's where I live online:
BestGuyEverBestie BoyTwitter

Additional content I'm in (unrelated to this Patreon):
The Pro Crastinators |  The Po D. Cast

You can find a big ol' doc with all the details of financial goals and expectations HERE. ;^)


Thanks. :3
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Did someone say financial stability? Now we're talking serious expansion potential. I will bring on a minimum of one regular editor at this level to help produce WIAGWs and various other projects and in general work to expand my operations.
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