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About Bestinwest

Hello Everyone!

If you've landed here, that means you probably watched one of my videos.  My guess it's one of my Pokémon Go PvP videos.  And I'd like to thank you for even considering to become one of my Patrons.

Before anything else, et me start off with a little introduction about myself:
My name is Best, thus the name Bestinwest (ahhhh makes sense now huh?).  I started making videos for youtube probably at the end of high school.  But that is not when my love of Pokémon started.  That was allllll the way back when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade when Anime couldn't be streamed and I'd rush back home and turn on UPN to catch an episode of Pokémon.  That fandom became an obsession as I begged my dad to go to EB games (At that time) to go buy a Gameboy Pocket and Pokémon Red version.  I loved it... I literally brought it everywhere with me.  I'm sure I ran through 9000 sets of batteries before my dad finally got me some rechargeable ones.

Fast forward a bit and Pokémon still holds a very dear place in my heart.  Pokémon Go started off as just a side game for me to play for Let's Go, but I soon became very connected to the community around the game locally.  One thing led to another and once PvP was introduced, I was hooked. 

Fast forward a bit more to today and here we are. 

PvP has changed the landscape of the Pokémon Go.  It is the ultimate end game.  Being able to test your knowledge and skill against others both locally and globally is something that really intrigues me.  I found that the best way for me to grow the visibility of this growing community is to make my own Youtube Videos. 

This brings me to why I am creating this Patreon.  I am trying my best to create quality content that I would personally want to watch. My videos are centered around trying to give whatever knowledge I have about the game and highlight people within the community that are also making a difference both competitively and logistically.  Although my main focus is to cover PvP content, I do hope to be able to expand my content a little more in the future, but for right now, my main focus is for sure Pokémon Go PvP. 

So why do I need your help?  Creating content is not my full time job and I do have one (Trust me, if I didn't, you'd be getting much more videos).  And there is certain equipment that I feel like would allow me to build better content for you guys.  Any support you guys could help contribute would go toward making my videos and content better.  And my ultimate goal is to be able to travel to different communities (both nationally and possibly GLOBALLY) and cover the growing PvP scene. 

Again, thank you for your support even if you decide not to become a Patron.  As long as you are enjoying the content that I put out, that is honestly all that I hope for.  If you DO decide to become a Patron, I can't thank you enough for helping support my goal of bringing something I'm passionate about to others.

Thanks again for swinging by and thank you for your continued support.  Hopefully I'll see you guys out there at an upcoming tournament!
$22 of $300 per month
With these funds, I hope to be able to create merchandise and possibly travel and meet other PvP communities outside of my own.  PvP is a growing community in Pokémon Go and I want to see HOW it is growing.  These funds will help with travel costs and help me reach out to more people and attend more tournaments. 

Thank you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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