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If you donate anything to me, I shall mail you a badass handmade postcard.
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If someone would like to donate a substantially larger sum of money towards this project, I will come up with something special, something created just for you.
Some of my art (a very little, really) can be found on my tumblr page: for examples of what I do.




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About Bethanie Petitpas

I don't yet have a video so until then....

I am but a lowly artist who likes to compulsively knit hats for people. Specifically for kids going through chemo. For a few years now I have knitted hats (hundreds of hats) and sent them to charities. The above picture features some of the hats I've designed and delivered. I relied on my own stash, my own extra cash, as well donated materials and monies from friends and family to keep me afloat. Now I'd like to expand and offer my abilities to other charities. However, I'm outta cash and outta stash and I think it may be time to reach outside of my circle to ask for help.

So here I am. I will still accept natural fibre yarns and whatnot from folks who would rather go that route as I've always done, but overall I am hoping that this venture will allow me to provide for more people.

If this works, I will chronicle my progress and the products of everyone's generosity and efforts here and at my tumblr  page:
$23 of $50 per knitted items
This will buy enough materials to make 5-10 hats. Think about that. I'll do something if we hit 50. Not sure what yet. Maybe a new video.
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