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About BetsyVanDeusen

I’m Betsy VanDeusen, AKA “the Hummingbird Charmer."

For the last three years I have been feeding, studying, and painting wild California hummingbirds. At first I just observed them: the different species, their behaviors, how they move, what they sound like. As I got to know them a little better, I started creating my own custom sugar-water "nectar" feeders for them. Over time, these feeders developed in to elaborate "art feeder setups" with themes like: Tea Party, Farmers Market, Cakes & Pies, Ice Cream Truck, even a Star Wars TIE Fighter! I had communicated with them: Regardless of what it's sitting on, a yellow plastic flower is not food, but it MEANS food! They understood this as a universal symbol... but they still had preferences!

I realized through my first-hand experience that hummingbirds are tiny individuals- each with their own personality. Hummingbirds don't move or think as a flock. Groups of hummingbirds are called "charms," and while they are charming, they are just as chaotic as a bustling city of people- all moving and thinking on their own! As an Artist I couldn't get past this idea that this crowd of tiny individuals understood visual symbolism... I started to wonder if they would respond to other symbols... if they would be drawn to, and could possibly appreciate visual art... Of course the art would have to be sized appropriately... It would have to be a subject matter they would recognize... But hummingbirds have always been an inspiration to artists, don't they deserve the opportunity to be artistically engaged as well? 

Hummingbirds have excellent eyesight and can see color better than humans: in addition to what we see, they can also see ultraviolet light, which means their world appears even more colorful than ours. Armed with this knowledge and a background in Art History, I intend to design, size, and curate a Miniature Art Museum- specifically for an audience of hummingbirds. While the primary focus is on stimulating bird-brains, it should also be educational and entertaining for a human audience! Hidden UV-effects can be revealed to the human-eye with blacklights... Anatomical studies and examples will teach about a hummingbird's bone structure, while paying homage to great Art and Natural History Museums. 

This is a long-term, on-going project without a deadline as of yet. I have selected a dozen paintings that I would like to duplicate in miniature for my "Human Art History Survey for Hummingbirds." I have already begun production on UV-reactive Frames and Pedestals. Your Patronage will help me fund this production (resins, silicone, UV pigments, etc) as well as allow me to take the time to focus on painting and creating art (artist salary). Truly, the more money I round up each month, the more I can do. Supporting with even just $1 helps me maintain this project, but it will be at a much slower pace. The greater support, the greater the museum will be, because I will be able to spend more time focused on it! 

*I hope to include a "Contemporary Arts & Crafts" wing in this project, and (eventually) will be seeking submissions from some of my favorite living artists! Unsolicited submissions will be considered, but must adhere to specific "Size and Safety Requirements" for framing and inclusion in the show. You can contact me (here or IG are best) for more information if this is something you are interested in. 

Thank you so much for your support! 
Love, Betsy "The Hummingbird Charmer" 

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