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I'll post regular updates on where I am in the process of research, little nuggets of what I'm finding and print screens of the work.
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The above, plus I'll put out previews of the final work.
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The above, plus I'll write a little paper with all the information I've found, bibliography, links and what-not.
I'll also buy you a cup of coffee, if you're ever around Porto (I'll do that anyway for 1$... or free!).




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About Luís

Let me start off by saying I find the concept of Patreon and mainly the people who decide to help creators a beautiful thing. Like a lot of people I have mixed feelings about the evolution of digital technology; what it's doing to our brains and the way we communicate, but this, the idea of people voluntarily choosing to foster creation and building a community of learning and knowledge sharing... it's just a beautiful, beautiful thing.

My name is Luís Azevedo. I'm an ex-film student and undecided as to my aspirations as an academic. I was born in Portugal and have lived here for most of my life (I've lived for a stint in Hungary and another in England). I'm no politician. I'm just a fella. I think that puns should be lame and boots should be dusty. I think TV quote references shouldn't be explained. And Wes Anderson movies, well, I think that's just a little bit better.

I've just finished my Master's Degree dissertation about essay film and video-essays. It was supposed to be about what's specific about the comedy of Edgar Wright. Its working title was The Cinematographic Specificity of the Humour in the Films of Edgar Wright, but it should've have been called How to take the Fun out of Funny. I'll probably publish something about this, but instead I decided to study video-essays and essay films, so I better understood the history and origins of what I'm doing.

I've made too many videos already about Wes Anderson and Louis CK. I'll make some more, but for now I plan on focusing on a few others of my favourite people. What I'm bringing to the table is a series of video-essays, a few supercuts (mostly I won't include them in the supported posts), about mainly film and television. I'll approach them from perspectives which I find interesting. For example, how language is used differently in Louie or how the main characters of Mike Leigh are born in the outskirts of the narrative.

These are a few of the things I'll eventually talk about: stand-up comedy, Wes Anderson movies, TV shows (right now I'm thinking about Better Things and Westworld), philosophy, Asian cinema, essay films.

The Magnificent Anders(s)ons was the result of 1.5 months of researching, editing and narration. Louis CK and the Art of Non-Verbal Communication was a lot less (though I wasn't counting). These things take time, but I love to make them. I'd love to make them as like... a job. 

What I really want is to be a professional learner. I'm passionate about learning and communicating about the things that keep me up at night. Video-essays might be the path to doing that as a career.

The short answer is I don't know. Until this project becomes financially feasible, I'll work when I can. I'm writing this after finishing a video which gave me incredible satisfaction. Work started every day at 7am. By the time sun set, I was still in front of my computer. I kept a notebook by my side which I filled in bed instead of resting. I got up and danced after making just the right cut, more times than I want to admit.

But until this becomes viable I'll have to take other jobs where I find them, increasing the time between videos. Whatever schedule I propose myself would only be an ideal goal, but if I set them as an obligation, I'd probably be forced to break them, which is less than ideal.

I hope this is appealing enough. If it's not, I hope you still enjoy my videos. Thank you for reading through. If you want it's OK if you're... patronizing. 

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Office amenities. My computer is severely asking for a Graphics card improvement. This last video almost burned through this old GTX560. A few extra hard drives would be nice, better recording set-up and maybe one of those multi-coloured lava lamps.
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