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I'm crying. I don't deserve you.
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About KimSasha

Hello. I am a French Canadian who started writing on November 5, 2018.
After seeing a contest on the Webnovel site, I started on a whim, but now I want to continue writing my story.
If you like my story and want to encourage me to continue take my time to write and translate my chapters in English, please leave donations ;)

Buy a coffee to the poor student I am? :D

\!/ The images used on this page do not belong to me. I found these on pinrest. Only the story is mine \!/

Lee Jae Hyun was the voice behind the famous singer Kim Chun Ha. But, following a successful tour, he was betrayed by his agency and died.

However, when he wakes up in another world, he realizes that the music is banned?

But this will not prevent him to do everything he can to realize his dream to become a singer and touch peoples’ heart with his songs.

However, fate seems to have other plans for him...

Tags: Music, Mystery, Futuristic setting, reincarnation, action, drama/tragedy, science fiction, Slice of Life

Link: Beyond the Mask

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