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hello there people who happen to get here my name is jack A.K.A, Bezzaboi

my Youtube channel is about random videos i have on my pc or have recorded and i try to make something funny out of it and sometimes it seems to work and thats all that matters

i have been doing youtube for almost 2 years, when on the 14th of February it will be my 2nd year.

i have made this patreon because i want to be able to have my dream job come true as being a almost full-time youtuber when donating to this patreon you will get some sweet and EPIC percs in my discord server for example

you will get a role when you become a patreon, see behind the scenes of any of my future videos, get to be in videos of myne when i am to ping you in the patreon room

with your surrport this might change my future
$0 of $40 per month
this $40 will help get sound proof around my room so you wont be able to hear any background noises 
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