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In addition to my humble and eternal gratitude, you gain access to the Patreon activity feed which, I believe, gives you access to the videos without Google Ads (as they are seen on YouTube). I will also post there from time to time with updates on current productions so you’ll be “in the know” on what I’m working on and how soon the next video is expected to be up!
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For a $5 donation, in addition to access to the Patreon activity feed, I will also list your name in description box of each video as long as you remain a Patron. Of course, this will ONLY be done with your permission. If you donate $5 I will contact you via Patreon and ask if you’d like me to associate your name with the videos. If you state you do not, or if I do NOT hear back from you, I will not put your name with the video, respecting your privacy. In addition, $5 donors will receive an MP3 copy of the audio for each video if an email address is provided where I can send it.
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Just spend this much on a movie ticket! For a $10 donation, in addition to access to the Patreon activity feed, the option to have your name listed in YouTube description box of each video as long as you remain a Patron, and the MP3 copy of production audio, I will send a PDF copy of the script I used in the making of each video. This will include listing of any sources I used in the video’s production.




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About Brett Palmer

For several years I've been producing videos on YouTube examining the claims of Christian apologists and Bible inerrantists. These videos are purely a passion of mine and I've enjoyed writing them, producing them and sharing them with the community of skeptics and atheists and have never asked for a dime in their productions.

I'm still not asking for a dime.

What I'm doing here on Patreon is providing a way for those who have asked me in the past for a means to "tip" me for the work I do. I will not stop producing videos if no one signs up. I won't be "hurt" or feel slighted. Think of Patreon as a hat sitting out in front of my YouTube channel. If you want to drop some change into it, please feel free to do so and accept my utmost gratitude. If you don't feel like dropping in any change, that's fine, too. You can still enjoy (or hate!) my videos for free!

But, the fact is, I do spend a lot of time on making these films. A lot of time reading and researching and writing the scripts. A lot of time finding just the right music, video clips, photos and pictures to use. A lot of time working with the production software, figuring out interesting ways to narrate and make a visually appealing presentation. Maybe all that work is really worth something?

If you do decide to contribute, understand that I will use whatever funds I gather to purchase material in the production of future vids. That may be better movie making software. A better mic. A subscription to a service providing royalty-free images, etc. Note I will ONLY be taking donations for my major video productions. If you contribute, you will NOT be making a donation for my "Channel Update" videos or "Shout-outs" or anything like that. I'm also not suddenly going to get crazy and start making videos once a week about whatever topic is in the news or on my mind just to get cash flow!

Alternatively, you may not want to make an on-going contribution to my work. That's ok! While Patreon does not currently have a "tip-per-video" option, you can still give a "one time donation" by pledging and then canceling your pledge at any time. But in order for the one time payment to go through, you will have to wait for your payment to be processed at the end of the month (either by credit card or PayPal). Once you have been successfully charged, you can edit your pledge lower or remove your pledge completely by visiting my page here on Patreon and hitting 'edit your patronage!'

Thanks for reading this and considering supporting my work on YouTube. I love you guys and will "see" you next video!
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I don't have any goals, but I'll tell you what. For every dollar pledged, I'll pat my dog on her head!
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