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Who am I?
My name's Chris, BigDamnArtist if we're being formal. I make gaming videos, tutorials, and the occasional vlog. I'm also an independent filmmaker, motion graphics artists and visual effects artist. OH! And I'm going to school full-time (Come sept 2016)!

I've been recording Let's Plays and various gaming type things pretty much consistently since May 2012, releasing anywhere from 1-3 videos a day, so you could say I've been doing this for a while :D (if you take a look in my posts you'll find the first episodes of all my major series going back to the start of my channel.)

I pretty much live, breathe and will probably die making stuff, whether that's gaming videos, vlogs, films, or the occasional irl crafty thing.

Why am I on Patreon?
As you can imagine time is in very short supply in my life, but every dollar pledged let's me focus that little bit more on making videos (and going to school to learn how to make awesome stuff) and less on wondering how I'm gonna pay bills! And that's a really really cool thing.

What can you expect if you pledge?
Besides the eternal existential fulfillment that comes with knowing you're helped a fellow human being? Well for starters, an increase in the quality and quantity of my videos. Not just gaming stuff, but Friends In Your Dungeon and Zangrethor Digital projects as well. Helping me here helps me with everything I do, and hopefully if you're here, you like the stuff I make and want to see more of it :D

As well I am trying to find cool interesting things to release as Patron exclusives, but with life being so topsy turvy right now (Wheee going back to school!)  they haven't come to fruitition. Although if you have anything you think would be cool definitely let me know!

Where can you see my stuff?
I have a bunch of different things going on right now:

My gaming channel:

Zangrethor Digital (My production company where I do film and visual effectsy type things):

Friends In Your Dungeon (A channel dedicated to our tabletop gaming group where we post real-play videos of our games):

Is there anything else you should know?
You are beautiful human soul capable of great heights and fantastic weirdness. And that's awesome.

Oh. You mean about the Patreon?

No, I think we pretty much covered it.

Have fun. Stay weird. And thanks for your support it means the world to me!

$0.95 of $50 per month
At 50 dollars a month all of you fine people will get to choose a short game for me to play. (Short = ~10 episodes, i.e. Warframe, Cloudbuilt, Minecraft adventure map)
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