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About Big Gold Belt Podcast

Hello, Welcome to the

Big Gold Belt Podcast 

Patreon Page!

The Big Gold Belt Podcast has finally created a Patreon page! For about 3 years we have worked hard trying to create structure, consistency and creative content that fans would love and that we could be proud of. This has all come with many hours of our time sacrificed to do so along with tons of financial obstacles, along with the most important yet challenging part which is balancing out life duties with this, such as school, work, family and so on.

So the question now is why are we here?

We have decided to create Patreon page because everything operating with the #BGB podcast has been self-funded and now we see Patreon as a way for family friends and fans to help contribute. And not only contribute but to help to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences and content to our subscribers. This will allow us are content creators to receive funding directly from fans to help create not just more content but better and exclusive content.
We truly love and appreciate our family friends and fan base and it absolutely keeps us motivated even though the hard times.

So becoming a subscriber, as they refer to it as a "patron", what do you get?

Well for starters anyone who has read up to this point we thank you!

First off we are still working out ton of details and ideals but we plan to provide patrons with:

• Shoutouts during shows
• Free Merch
• Exclusive members only chatroom
• A chance to provide a topic for the show
• Guest on special "Fan Edition" episodes
• Priority with questions asked to Special Guest read live!
• Behind the scenes content and exclusive episodes

and much more to come!

With BGB expanding not only in the wrestling community but now within the Comicbook conventions community as well, tons of more content and exclusive materials are on the way.
91% complete
Anything Helps yall and This may seem like a small goal but it has taken me over a year and a half to get the courage and creativity to build this Patreon page. Marking off this goal is a huge step in our journey. Thank you for making it happen!!!
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