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Ever since I was a toddler, I liked taking things apart to see how they worked. This curiosity has not changed over the years... just the size of the things I take apart. I call these things projects.

As I look back on the various "projects" I have had over my lifetime, one thing rings true. I was with like-minded friends, and it normally took place in a garage, shop, or barn on someone's property.

It was these memories that prompted my desire to share experiences like these with my youngest child, Beatrice.

Beatrice is currently 12 and she is the baby out of 5. All my older children are out of the house doing their own thing. I will be lucky to have 6 years to do stuff with her and make a positive influence on her before she is off on her own.

Beatrice is very mechanically inclined. She has a vision that can take a thing and find ways to improve or repurpose it. She has a desire to be an engineer of some sort... not quite sure what kind yet but she is interested in the idea of BioMedical for Animals, or Mechanical. I figured that having her work on projects with me in our garage and visiting with other people to see what projects they are doing in their garage would be a fun experience not only for the two of us but other people around the world. That is why together we have created a YouTube Channel Called "Biggsie's Garage".

In Biggsie's Garage we will strive to showcase projects we are working on in our garage, meet with people and talk about what projects they are doing in their garage, shop or barn, review tools, equipment, products and services that can help our viewers with their projects and customize their garage into a space that fits their unique needs.

We would like to invite you to join us in Biggsie's Garage.
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