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Hello!.. Who are you?

Behold, the most interesting, the most daring, most awe inspiring person of the 21st Century. I give you... probably not me.
Haha! Hello everyone, my name's Billy Crinion (or my not so secret alias - BillyBCreations) and I make cartoons. I'm an voice actor, writer, artist, and most predominantly, an Animator!

I created a Flash animated web series on Youtube - Billys Toon Times. A show about a few friends getting thrown into crazy adventures, with their pink sheep. Currently in the midst of creating more original cartoons so stay tuned!
I've also had the chance to animate for a number of content creators on Youtube such as; Eddsworld, Eddache, Mashed & Tomska.

I've been making and working on cartoons for quite a few years on Youtube, Newgrounds and various others sites, but these days more so than ever it's really difficult to gain revenue for content creators. More so to the fact that I cannot earn any revenue from Youtube and haven't since 2014.
Patreon fixes all that hullabaloo and helps gain the money needed to keep making the cartoons that you enjoy! (And keep me living haha.)

So, what exactly am I paying for?

Well, as I grow older I've found it more difficult to produce original content that I'm proud of without it being rushed or sloppy in the animation. This is mainly due to the fact that my original content can't be monetized, so the cartoons are simply for entertainment.
It's becoming increasingly difficult to even work on original stuff at all due to being in Uni, which is why I've had to take up freelancing for other content creators to help me out. This leaves no roughly no time to actually produce long or short form content regularly.

The money that I receive from you guys will be going towards the development of more fun cartoons and possibly even some long for content in the future! Mainly just going towards keeping me afloat and being able to work on these cartoons!

I tend to do most of the pre-production, production, and post-production myself. This includes; concepts, writing, storyboards, voice directing/voice work, animation, backgrounds, audio editing, and compiling it altogether in editing. Animation takes a lot of time, but if I were to continue to produce content the way I do and keep the quality high, it takes hell of a lot more time.
With your help I can make some fun cartoons for you, and maybe even get to develop a series for TV I have in mind!

Honestly, that would be the best case scenario. I would genuinely be so grateful if you were to even donate $1, or just share it with your friends! Any support at all is hugely appreciated!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for reading and donating if you're thinking about it! It would really mean the world to me if I could spend more time working on the cartoons that I really enjoy doing!
$27 of $800 per month
With this amount of money I'll be able to work on less freelance work and more of my own work through college!
This means more hours spent on original content and animate them to their full potential while not having to worry about expenses during my course.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
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