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Want the whole $97.00 video training course? Get it for only $10! Join me via Patreon and you will get the whole course, plus tons of behind the scenes stuff and Patreon only bonus material. For supporters contributing $10.00/month you can have a fully functioning biodome backyard food factory capable of putting amazing organic food on your table or up $5,000.00*/month in your pocket. Click To Learn How To Grow Food and Make Money With Biodomes
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Monthly video updates with tips, tools and actionable ideas to support you and your greenhouse (Biodome or not), building and growing.
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Access to one video per week so you can build your own Geodesic Biodome Greenhouse on a budget. Full membership will be available after one year of Patreon support.
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Get 10 Videos per month for 6 months then complete access to Biodome Builders Members area with all videos plus transcripts, calculators, support, etc.
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First goal: create a stable base to allow more time for video creation and time in the Biodome with you "watching over my shoulder" via 360 video or Google Hangout.
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