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The reason I'd like to have my viewers engage in this patreon is because YouTube is truly a passion for me. I've watched my favorite YouTubers bring light during tough times for me and to be able to do that for someone else is exactly why I decided to create my account. However, it hasn't been easy to do; I edit and work on my videos on a less than efficient computer that isn't completely scoped to handle the amount of memory and software that it takes to make a great video. I currently work in a field that does not pay me nearly as much money as someone my age should be making. I've worked overtime countless times just to be able to afford half the products a gamer needs to make great content. That's how dedicated I am to my YouTube account and that's the same dedication I aim to keep when I have the equipment I need to keep making entertaining and helpful content for my subscribers. I want to keep growing on YouTube and just need a push to get me to be where I need to be. Everyone needs a little help sometimes..."
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