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First things first.  Thank you so much for checking out my Patreon page.

My name is Cat (aka BittenUsagi or bit10usagi for gaming) and this Patreon focuses on my Twitch right now but I'd like to move towards using my YouTube again for vlogs, reviews, skits and such. Mostly I like to make people laugh which means my past report cards are full of comments from teachers frustrated by my constant need to visit with classmates and make a fool of myself. ;) 

I'm also a wife to my best friend and a mother of two adorable little warriors, a wiener dog, hamster and some fishies. I play a lot of video games on my Twitch but also throw in the occasional creative stream.

Why Bitten?

Because I'm a HUGE geek and I feel like when you get into a fandom it's like you get bitten by the "bug" of that fandom. I have been bitten by a LOT of fandoms. O.o Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and so many more. 

So here you can donate as little as a ONE dollar and get access to the exclusive behind the scenes and sneak peeks I'll be posting here at The Lair. That doesn't mean I won't continue to post on facebook, instagram, etc. but most of what I post here won't be available in those places or will be posted beforehand. If you can't donate don't worry, I get it, but you can still follow me here for free posts and on all my other social media and if you want to support me without money be sure to follow, subscribe, like, share, or whatever the situation calls for and I greatly appreciate all of that as well. The fact that anyone enjoys my content means a lot.

You guys are a huge part of why I do this.
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  • My eternal gratitude. No, seriously. I am starting this not expecting anything but will be ridiculously thankful to anyone who contributes a mere cent or supports via my Amazon wishlist.
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5 people. As I may have said elsewhere I'm not expecting miracles here. I'm barely expecting anything to be honest. But I like to live as Alice Walker once said "Expect nothing, live frugally on surprise."

Once I hit this level there will be a Patron only giveaway.
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