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I will list you as a patreon supporter in the description of my next youtube vid, showing everyone that you have pledged your support to me. Also, if I happen to see you at a convention or something like that, I will give you a handshake and/or a High-Five.
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The additional option of a hug if I meet you outside of the internet.
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I will read one fanfic of your choice for a live youtube reading. This means that I will read it from start to finish in one single recording session, unedited.




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I'm an internet VA and youtube content creator. If you've enjoyed some of the vids I have made, such as the Inner Demons Audio Drama and The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine Comic-Dub, and would like to help support me through donations, that would be greatly appreciated.

By Supporting my Patreon, you help reduce some of my finance related stress, such as food and college, which will help me produce more videos more often.
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I'd love to have a new monitor, since I'm still using one from my old desktop. And I'd like to invest in possibly a second monitor plus a new, much larger computer desk in order to facilitate easy multitasking for editing video and audio.
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