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All access to Melanin- Dark Matter content; Including lessons on life, spirituality and purpose. -NUBIRTH ENERGY podcast full access to all art, writings and productions of P.O.T.N.A.

+ Podcasts- Artist interviews, documentaries and exclusive projects.  

+ "Shark Tank" updates on critical changes in the Media and Music industry so that you can capitalize on trends and projections in the market. 

+PLUS- We are prepared to assist your "research" Historical DNA and Archaeological records- effectively- unbiased- Non-digitized- newly discovered information concerning the ORIGINS of our Melanin and it's populations. (Let us help you uncover your own family history)

+Also this tier earns you monthly perks and access to exclusive content concerning new findings in the metaphysics, bio-photogenic and technological world- relating to MELANIN- Health, business and art. 

+Are you an artist? Be added to our Top HOT Conscious Music and Artist list- Monthly- FREE BLASTS & PROMO

+Gain powerful information concerning healthy foods that directly effect Melanated bodies. 

+Access organic and vegan menus and recipes that will promote pineal gland de-calcification and healthy skin and digestion. 

+Access life changing information for your spiritual and mental growth.

per creation

+All access to content on this platform; 

+All Grant-writing, Public Funding Research, Business and Media consultations and promotions. 

+Rare-unknown secrets and information to building your brand, gaining recognition and validation. Becoming an ICON. Building an EMPIRE.

+With this package entrepreneurs can feel secure in the moves they are making. 

++Black Reign connects you to the right people & resources allowing you to CLEARLY understand the strategic ways of brand building and protecting ownership. 

+Resources included in this package will target specific campaigns, business launches and artistic direction.

This package is made to build media managers or labels who seek to represent their artists and ventures professionally and EFFECTIVELY. 

This package will help you understand the following:


+Your Story and how to tell it
+A true understanding of your WHY! WHO! & WHAT!
+Understanding key differentiation between you and the market you compete within.
+Outline of your brand values
+Messaging that will attract your ideal clients
+An understanding of who your ideal clients are and how you can serve them
+A strategy for marketing your business moving forward 

This package consists of:
+Initial brand assessment
+ 1:1 sessions Via Phone or Zoom
+Weekly action plans
+Accountability check-ins
+Strategic Marketing plan
+unlimited support via email or text 
+Reach out with questions or new ideas you are brainstorming

per creation

All access to- Dark Matter content;  We create you a short production- via trailer, montage, soundtrack or 90 second commercial.

+ Feature you on our Podcasts- 


+Shoot and produce and edit documentaries and film projects.

++++ Rare-unknown information about social media campaigning and effective market research methods.

+ADDITIONALLY: Black Reign will promote, advertise and brand YOU-as an artist, business owner or production company. 

+We Want to help tell your story! We will provide you a free monthly video promo (we can create)- and include you in all our social media blasts/news! 

 (video/advertisement must be under 7 minutes)


Think of it as your own video/content creator & editor every month with FREE ADVERTISEMENT & BRAND BUILDING.


Peace and Blessings Family of Creatives.
. Let it be known that your support means the world to me and I will work hard for you, to create powerful content that will always increase-inspire-and seek business solutions- for a healthy well-rounded mind-body- spirit. I serve to release the confusion that is often swelling inside of us all.
As an artist, researcher, content creator, photographer and media management leader- I have written grants, produced films and managed major projects for many clients in the creative field. I am a dedicated and active community activist- an Educator for young adults and youth for over 20 years. Enough about me! Let's build. 

ON THIS PATREON CHANNEL- YOU WILL EXPERIENCE MULTI MEDIA CREATIONS- YET.... I want to BE CLEAR. Let's get to the ANSWERS. I simply uncover our TRUTH- the formula as to how to HELP PEOPLE (artists-healers).  No matter what we do in our lives, we will always seek- truth, justice and freedom at all costs -even when it is sometimes difficult to obtain- we continue for our families. What we won't- and can not do- is uncover the truth ALONE. Let's do this together Sol-family.

Right Now. Just know your support is valued here at BLACK REIGN MEDIA- and it is helping us to continue life transforming work that has proven to change the lives of young artists and entrepreneurs-  of all races and backgrounds. This work has been ongoing for over twenty-years- and it continues.


Thank you for allowing me and my team to continue this important journey for CREATIVES & HEALERS around the world.   Black Reign represents, to me, the restoration of balance on the planet Earth. It represents MAAT. It represents JUSTICE. It represents EQUILIBRIUM

 We are destined to actualize our true purpose. Let's take this information presented here- and apply it. Let's strategically move within a system that is set against our progress - Truth.Morals.Application - in all people activities.
Please visit our website below to gather deeper information on joining our private group M.G.U.M.A.  - ASK ABOUT IT. -
We specialize in the support and development of Independent Artist with grants and resources! FOLLOW @myloudwhispers/ or @protecmymelanin/IG
If you have not listened in to some of our POWERFUL podcasts- please catch up on the You-tube channel - These will be deleted soon! (Will soon be Only available on Patreon)

Find our powerful podcasts on AUDIO- at                WE EXIST TO PROTECT YOUR MELANIN.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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