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About Black Rites Wellness

Black Rites Wellness Protocol

The Black Rites Wellness Protocol is a mindful systematic approach to longevity and actualization through personalized rituals. This protocol allows you to work with an expert to develop time management skills, and train online with a unique 25-minute high-intensity exercise program as you master your 8 dimensions of wellness. To master your 8 dimensions of wellness, this protocol focuses on the physical dimension to anchor your remaining 7 dimensions of wellness. By effectively anchoring down this unique practice on your calendar, you will find yourself making lifestyle modifications to support your new practice. These lifestyle modifications will allow you to become aware and effectively interact with your remaining dimensions of wellness.

Mastery comes with consistency, and to make that consistency more manageable, masters create themselves rituals. Every master has a ritual! To reach true longevity and self-actualization you have to become a master of your wellness. You must frequent the frequency you want to become (A master of your wellness). "Frequent The Frequency" is thus the chant for this protocol.

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Your support for this Patreon goes into fueling the Black Rites Wellness at providing access to wellness to anyone in search of it. By changing the way we interact with ourselves, we can begin to change the way we interact with our environment. This deliberate and intentional way of living will allow us to make more sustainable and responsible decisions within our professions, which is where we manifest the reality we live in. #FrequentTheFrequency
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Once I reach 40 patrons, I will begin to release high quality and well documented visual/audio content for all patrons to consume to enhance your frequency shifts. Every full moon will be a 30 minute project, and every year will be an hour project. 
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