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This funds will support us in getting more equipment such as better cameras, microphones and of course more weapons and ammo to continue making more quality content for you all.  

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      -This are videos that will help guide you with step by step fitness advice, weapon how to's, financial growth secrets, and so much more! We will never release this videos on youtube!

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      -You will have access to our PRIVATE Faceboook group in which you will be able to directly contact any of the mother chapter members and ask them any questions you might have.

     -Get feedback from us on your goals and feel confident that our members will help you get there.

      -Meet other Pandemonic Division members and collaborate or meet up with one another to assist each other in achieving your mission!

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About Black Wolf Militia

This is who we are!

Black Wolf Militia offers a strong code of conduct based on respect, courage, and honor. Now more than ever, people need a backbone and a code to live by. The black wolf militia may well offer an answer to becoming the warrior you were meant to be, and attracting to you all the things that you want in your life. The essence of our code consists of teaching and guiding all our men and women to be the strongest version of themselves, physically and mentally.

We learn to embrace the chaos by destroying all our insecurities. We stand valiant to be about something, so we wont have to conform with average, scared of everything and ultimately be about nothing. This is what sets apart us wolves from the sheep, and like wolves, we run free!

We ask that you forget everything you know, or think you know, about the perfect mainstream society. Instead focus your mind on learning the ways of this organization in which you will find brotherhood, honesty, great faith and loyalty beyond measure.

We are a breed apart! Forged in fire and infused with a mindset that accepts no weakness!
Our members build their legacy, then they create a long gap between them and the rest of the competition.

Creation through destruction!
Black Wolf Militia


$0 of $1,000 per month
We are looking to raise $1000 for the purchase of new weapons and ammo. The new weapons would include throwing knive varieties, shurikens, nun chucks, rope dart, bow and arrows, blow gun, and gun and rifle ammo. 

All weapons and ammo purchased will be used for future videos. 
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