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One of my hobbies is beekeeping, And with all the local wildfires we have been hit with, destroying thousands of acres of mountain wild lands. Thus destroying foliage, evacuating wildlife and of course evicting any colonies of wild honey bees. So I decided to startup a project to help restore foliage to the fire damaged areas "Project Wildfire Recovery". I seek homeowners near the target locations with large lots and an area that they don't do anything with and with their approval, setup a single hive of honey bees. I do NOT rent/lease/sell to the homeowner. There will be no charge to the homeowner during the agreed upon term cycle. during harvesting's I will donate 10% to the homeowner. The rest will be sold off
to help keep the project rolling.
I have been trying to fund this whole project from my own pocket with my full time seasonal job, but this does consume a lot of my funds for fuel, hive components and summer/winter feed, keeping my ability to expand more hives slow. We have expanded to the Michaud Creek road wildfire area this spring of 2019 and have 2 hives right now but would like to add 2 more next spring. We would also like to expand to Lave Hot Springs and start tackling the wildfire damaged area just north of there. 

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