is creating Video of Countryball 3D
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Thank you soo much for You donation :)

You can see some picture of the futur video now!

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Thank you sooo much really for you Donation :D

-You are VideoBall! You can see now, some futur scene for the futur video!

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About Blankball

Hello I'm Blankball!

I creat some video in youtube of Countryball with Gmod for make some video 3D, funny humor video, action of suspense and horror with Thunderpen do not look back! 

Yes I'm furry countryball too, but not toxic or cancer, but seriouse, I don't making cancer or toxic with furry, if you don't like, look my video, I think you will be change!

I Hope what I made, you will like, and sorry my english!

Thank you to subcribe to my channel and your donation ;)

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