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About BlazingDave

Hello and welcome! I'm Blazingdave or Dave for short!
I'm mainly an anime style artist, to which I draw many cool or cute stuff that I really enjoy. Creating new and original characters are my forte.

What do I do?
What I do mainly is draw illustration, fanarts, commissions and a passion project I've been working on years is writing and drawing my own manga series. As well as teaching myself to animate to be an animator.

Why I have a Patreon?
With your support I can draw as much as I need too with your help! Currently I am still attending college, and I want to give all my time to art and animation. So, I want to be a full time artist, and with you helping me through patreon you're helping me get a chance to work with what I love the most! And with you're help I will make sure you see quality art work that you can be glad you're supporting!

I appreciate each and every supporter that comes my way!

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