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Hi Everyone,

I'm Michal Towber. Some of you already know me, but, for my new friends, I've been a professional singer-songwriter for 20 years.

My debut record was released by Sony/Columbia Records, I was mentored by Billy Joel, and won an Emmy for my composition work on "One Life to Live". I've played thousands of live shows all over the world, and want to play thousands more.

My voice is a little like Fiona Apple's and my music is influenced by 90s alternative and industrial rock, like Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails. Which means I write moody piano and guitar ballads, like the one in the video above, to aggressive guitar rock songs. You can hear songs I've composed and recorded on my YouTube channel and Facebook page.


I've created this Patreon account so fans of my music can directly fund new and exclusive content of mine.

In case you don't know about Patreon, it provides a way for fans to directly contribute money (via a monthly subscription) to nurture the artists they care about, and in exchange, receive *more* than just a finished album of songs.

It's kinda like when wealthy patrons would support classical musicians or painters. The artists could focus on creating, and the patrons got exclusive access to their art.

But now, instead of a single patron, there can be many. You can pay as little as $1 per/month and still get *more* than you would on Spotify or Apple Music, while also helping me continue to do what I do best.

It's a great symbiosis.


I think I've come up with some great rewards that you'll value, like:

  • Access to a digital archive of ALL my music 
  • Long distance music lessons 
  • One-on-One conversations about music (or anything else)
  • Face-to-Face hang outs before performances and concert tickets
  • (I'm open to other ideas too!)

You can see the current rewards and details on the right.


Your contributions will be going towards:

  • Completing my 8th album (which needs to be mixed and mastered)
  • I'd like to make at least one music video
  • Perform at special events and tour around the country


I look forward to connecting with all of you, and I thank you for your support.

Michal Towber

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When I reach $100 per month, I'll write a celebratory song and perform in via the interwebs for all my patrons.
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