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Hey everybody, my name is Nevi, welcome to my Patreon page!

You wanna know about me? Well, I’m just an autistic Black girl gamer from California who likes lolita fashion, tech stuff, music, writing, and video games a lot. But mostly videogames. This Patreon is to help with all my creative projects. Which. Well, duh.

What do you do?

Lots of things! I make Let's Plays, lolita dresses based on my favorite games, video essays, and various vlogs from taping my IRL week to scripted essays/infodumps.  For now anyway.  I have one more area I want to branch out to, but it's a secret. For now.  Just know that I make a lot of things that people are somehow impressed with.  

I also stream but it's rare.

What will you use my money for?

Tech upgrades, notions, art supplies, fabric, things to decorate said fabric (all that fabric foil/vinyl/paint/markers adds up), basically anything to help my videos look better and be as consistent as they can be.  As I reach funding goals, Nerdy Lolita will become ad-free. Like many creators, I hope to eventually reach a point where I don't have to rely on advertisers.  

What's in it for me?

Depending on the tier, everything from early access to monthly snail mail gifts.  Obviously, I'm good with my hands and like to make things with them, so I will extend that to the patrons. 

Any last words?

That's about it! Even if you don't wanna pledge, I appreciate you looking, and I'll see ya 'round! 
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